Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! xoxo

 I made these super cute floral arrangements for Mother's Day, one for myself and one for my Mom, ha, ha. It looked so sweet I had to make one for my kitchen! 
 If your Mom or Grandma loves to cook or bake this gift will be perfect to brighten up her kitchen!
Sweet Kitchen Floral Arrangement Recipe:
1 bunch spring flowers
1 pyrex measuring cup (2 cup size)
cute ribbon
1 large spatula
1 small spatula or pastry brush (plastic handle is best since it will be emersed in water)
wet floral foam 
floral wire

Soak floral foam for 30 minutes in a sink full of cool water.  Cut foam to fit the measuring cup. Make a loopy bow out of the ribbon, wrap floral wire around the bow and attach to the spatula, push the handle into the foam slightly off to the side.  Cut the flowers short and arrange to cover the floral foam. That's it, your done!  Your could add a cute gift tag and attach it to the handle. Add fresh water every couple days to keep flowers looking fresh.


  1. Nice Colleen. The girls are really growing up and so sweet.

  2. Thank you Jan! The Girls really are becoming young ladies fast! Hard to believe how fast time goes by :)